World NET Day 2019

10th November 2019

The focus of this World NET Day’s campaign is to highlight the challenges patients and clinicians face around ACCESS – access to information, access to care & treatment, access to research and access to support.

With World NET Day fast approaching and a General Election just around the corner – what better time to spotlight your care provision and priority asks of government than right now?

Raise your voice alongside the  47% of all those with cancer who have a rare or uncommon diagnosis. We want to see all patients referred into a NET MDT as a baseline for care. It happens for some cancers, so why not all of the the 8.7 per 100,000 population of neuroendocrine cancer patients in the UK? Click here to read the full publication. 


  • Copy and paste the following letter into the body of an email. Edit to include specific cancers not mentioned in the draft campaign letter – neuroendocrine cancer.
  • Use the parliamentary website to find the name of your sitting MP (before midnight on 6 November, 2019). You can also use your local council website to find their name and contact details.  
  • If you MP is standing down at the 2019 General election, you can send the email to you local candidates. Check the Electoral Commission website for details.
  • Once you have contacted your MP/candidate, please share on social media using the suggested text:  
  • I have written to [insert Twitter handle of MP/candidate] calling for urgent action on rare and less common cancers if elected to parliament on 12 December #GE2019  
Find out more about the work Hackney Council has done alongside GPs, Clinical Commissioning Groups, (CCGs), cancer charities, cancer alliances, CCGs, specialised commissioning bodies, to design and host a GP training session and raise awareness of rare & uncommon cancers.


This year we are asking patients and clinicians to share their ACCESS stories across social media. 

  1. Spread your ACCESS message far and wide. (Remember to set your post/page to ‘public’ to reach a wider audience). Tweet, post and hashtag your ACCESS stories on and around November 10th 2019. 
  3. Download the NET Cancer Day ribbon from the INCA website and use as a temporary profile picture on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  4. Spread the word – share the NET Patient Foundation’s social media posts.
  5. Connect with INCA: Facebook: @netcancerday / Twitter: @netcancerday / Instagram: @netcancerday