MIND the Gap

The ongoing emotional burden of living with Neuroendocrine Cancer over time can go unrecognised and unsupported. Patients often feel isolated, exhausted, misunderstood and anxious. These psychological challenges can be compounded by the unpredictability of the conditions and its symptoms. 

“I had been on a waiting list for counselling through local services for nearly a year. I live alone and was feeling at the end of my tether, so to be able to make contact and speak with you within a couple of days was a lifeline”.

MIND the Gap is our new campaign aimed at helping patients carry not only the physical, but the psychological burden of disease. The aim of the campaign is to:

  • Raise awareness of, and ‘fill the gap’ between medical professionals and patients, as to the day-to-day psychological and emotional burden of living with Neuroendocrine Cancer
  • Support Neuroendocrine Cancer patients through their particular cancer experience
  • Publish data from the vulnerable patient population
  • Provide recommendations to enable relevant and useful support 
  • Set up ‘Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer’ training sessions as many already exist for general cancer survivors but there is nothing specific for the Neuroendocrine Cancer community
  • Raise funds to keep providing specialist psychotherapy services via our charity 
  • Provide further online resources, leaflets and training opportunities for other counsellors and psychologists. 

We will be launching our MIND the Gap campaign in May and will share updates with you on how you can get involved with the campaign and help us to support patients carry not only the physical, but the psychological burden of their disease.

We are also launching two exciting fundraising initiatives which we need the Neuroendocrine Cancer community to take part in to help us reach our MIND the Gap fundraising target! Your fundraising could help change someones life so please get involved and help us to be there for more patients at their time of need. 

“I never realised how much I needed to talk to someone or how much it would help. He has taught me to like myself again, even though I never really knew I didn’t like myself and more importantly my body. He has taught me some amazing coping methods. I feel like a totally different person and have the most respect for what he can do from the end of a phone.

I would recommend counselling to anyone now, he has made me so much calmer and I feel so happy and at peace with having Neuroendocrine Cancer and going to have it forever but I know that I will cope now in a much better way and have lost the anger I felt about it.

So I just wanted to say thank you for offering this amazing service and providing such great counsellor/s, it is really an invaluable service.”

The first fundraising initiative that you can get involved with is the Bake for NETs! All you have to do is host a bake sale at home, work, school or anywhere you would like and ask everyone for a donation in return for your delicious baked treats. The money you raise from your Bake for NETs will go directly to our MIND the Gap campaign to help provide much needed emotional and psychological support to the Neuroendocrine Cancer community. Find out more about Bake for NETs here. 

Host a bake for nets

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