Faces of NETs

Faces of NETs and World NET Day 2019


This year we are asking patients and clinicians to share their ACCESS stories across social media. 

  1. Spread your ACCESS message far and wide. (Remember to set your post/page to ‘public’ to reach a wider audience). Tweet, post and hashtag your ACCESS stories on and around November 10th 2019. 
  3. Download the NET Cancer Day ribbon from the INCA website and use as a temporary profile picture on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  4. Spread the word – share the NET Patient Foundation’s social media posts.
  5. Connect with INCA: Facebook: @netcancerday / Twitter: @netcancerday / Instagram: @netcancerday 


 Faces of NETs Campaign

Over 40,000 people are affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer (NETs) in the UK, with over 5,000 people newly diagnosed each year. That is more than 13 people a day. For many the first time they will have heard about Neuroendocrine Cancer will be the day they receive their diagnosis. 

We need to change that

Whoever you are – a Neuroendocrine Cancer patient, a carer, a friend, healthcare professional or a loved one – you have the power to take action and make your voice count.

We need your help

The power of social media means that each of us have the opportunity to connect with more people which can help carry our messages to get more people talking about Neuroendocrine Cancer. But don’t worry, if you’re not on social media – you can still get involved! 

Faces of NETs is here for you to share your own thoughts and about Neuroendocrine Cancer on social media to help create a wider and deeper conversation about Neuroendocrine Cancer across the UK. Follow the steps below to get involved. 

1. Take or select the picture you want to share 

‚ÄčIt could be anything – waiting at an appointment, something that has brought you comfort or a selfie – whatever you feel represents your NET story. 

2. Upload your picture to social media 

Add a caption to share your thoughts, ideas or opinions and remember to use the official hashtag #FacesOfNETs when posting on social media. Photos can also be uploaded directly to our Faces of NETs gallery below (please select one photo at a time) 

3. Check out all the posts on our Faces of NETs Gallery

By uniting online and tagging your posts with our official hashtag #FacesOfNETs we hope to continue building understanding around this uncommon cancer and help others know they are not alone.

Not on social media?

Don’t worry, you can still make your voice count! You can either upload your picture and Faces of NETs story directly to our gallery (please select one photo at a time) or send us an email and we will upload it for you.