A few words from our Patron

It is a great pleasure and honor to continue being a patron of the NET Patient Foundation. I recall when we first set up ‘Living with Carcinoid’ in 2000 at the Royal Free Hospital and the team have done an amazing job in developing and establishing the NET Patient Foundation as not only the premier UK NET support group but also an internationally respected and high profile group.

NET Patient Foundation is not just about support and information which is so important especially for rare cancers but also ‘patient empowerment’ so that NET patients can have what is rightfully due to them. Thus the importance of NET Patient Foundation in campaigning for PRRT, liaising with NICE etc and being a political voice to raise the profile of NETs and pressure the NHS for appropriate recognition for NET patients.

The NET Patient Foundation does fantastic work in collaborating with NET specialists and UKI NETs as well as having a strong voice in Europe within ENETS and European Reference Network for Rare Cancers. Another true success has been the research programme and funding inspired by NET Patient Foundation and the research grants it has developed.

I hope to continue to promote and help the NET Patient Foundation both nationally and internationally so that the voice of the NET patient is heard loudly and clearly.

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Professor Martyn Caplin
Royal Free Hospital