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Our research fund supports UK NET research.

We want and need more research for neuroendocrine cancer. No major research organisation has a dedicated research programme for this cancer type, therefore a vital part of our work is supporting researchers and specialist centres undertaking neuroendocrine research and encouraging more research to be carried out in the future.

We have a vision of a world in which people know how to recognise, diagnose, treat, care for, and ultimately, cure patients with Neuroendocrine Cancer. If you would like to help then please click on the button below to make a donation.

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Our clinical fund supports pilot research projects in the UK. We run part of our research programme in collaboration with our friends at UKINETS. 2018 also marks the beginning of our research road trip to identify outstanding research needs for the benefit of patients with NETs and NET syndromes and to devise a research strategy for the same, ensuring that current research is in line with patient expectation. This road trip is a collaborative initiative with AMEND. 

Our clinical fund also supports our in house research such as patient experience research, community support outreach research, epidemiology research and focus group work.