How to Apply

The TransNETS committee was replaced by the UKINETs Research Committee in early 2016, this committee will now oversee the application process and award of the new NET Patient Foundation grants. 

We would like to thank the NET Patient Foundation’s supporters for their fantastic achievement in raising research funds and hope that we can continue to work together to raise the profile of NETs. 

Application process 

  • Application forms should be completed according to the template below and submitted to Molly Ross at the UKI NETS Office 
  • Grants will be assessed by a committee comprising members of the UKINETs Research Committee, UKINETS, the NET Patient Foundation and at least one external referee
  • The successful project will be listed on the UKINETS and NET Patient Foundation website
  • A report will be required on the anniversary of the award and presentation of a research update will be requested at the annual UKINETs meeting

Instructions for completion 

  • The application should be completed using the template below and be no more than four sides of A4 (Arial 11pt)
  • Background should be no more than 500 words and provide preliminary data and justification for the proposed work
  • Proposal should be no more than 750 words and provide details of what work will be undertaken and how the work will be taken forward in the future
  • Costing should include a clear justification for use of the funds and describe existing support for the project
Download the Application Form