There are many types of research project. You may be asked if you want to take part in research by your care team. This could involve having a blood or tissue sample taken for ‘biobanking’, so it can be studied further. A biobank is generally defined as a collection of human biological samples and associated information that is used for research purposes. Other studies are based on patient data and questionnaires and you may be asked if your data can be used or to complete surveys.  Instead of finding out what someone else knows, researchers want to find new knowledge, something nobody knows yet. Researchers need to find data and evidence to back up their ideas.

One day, the knowledge that these researchers create may lead to people with neuroendocrine tumours leading longer, healthier lives. They may even find a cure. 

However the process is long and slow. Research projects need funding, which is where your vital donations to our clinical fund go.

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