Patient and Public Involvement in Research

Share your unique experiences of diagnosis, treatment and care.

Research on the effects of treatments has often overlooked the shared interests of patients, carers and clinicians. As a result, questions that they all consider important have not always been addressed. But this is changing. There is growing evidence that by involving people with lived experience of a particular condition the quality of research can be improved.

This means moving beyond thinking of patients as participants in a study, but as partners to help shape our work and the work of researchers by sharing their experiences of diagnosis, treatment and care.

Why is your involvement important? 

People who each have a personal connection to neuroendocrine cancer, including patients, carers, and loved ones have a diverse range of views and experiences. Sharing these unique insights with researchers by getting involved in a variety of involvement opportunities helps ensure that only the highest quality research is being conducted.

How can I get involved? 

If this is something you’d like to get involved in or if you have any questions, please email us