NPF Publications

NET Patient Foundation Patient Experience Survey 

This survey aimed to gain valuable data on the diagnosis, treatment and care of, and information and support services for neuroendocrine cancer patients in order to improve the quality of health services for future patients.  Click here to view

Where is Chapter 10?

In this report we make four recommendations for inclusion in the Cancer Task Force National Strategy to improve outcomes for rare and less common cancers, specially NETs. Click here to view

Widening the NET 

This report is focused on improving outcomes for patients with NETs in Scotland it outlines ‘ambitions’ and ‘actions’ to ensure that progress continues to be made in Scottish NET care.  Click here to view

NET Patient Foundation Audit of NHS Trusts in England

The audit carried out by researchers from Quality Health, on behalf of NPF, was to seek information about the delivery of Neuroendocrine Cancer services in Trusts across England.  Click here to view

Delays and Routes to Diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Tumours

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Recent Publications in NET Research

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NET Patient Foundation and Royal Free Hospital publication featured in British Journal of Nursing

A publication on the prevalence of self-reported side effects in neuroendocrine tumour patients prescribed somatostatin analogues written by Catherine Bouvier (NPF’s CEO), Tara Whyand (Royal Free Hospital) and Philippa Davies (Royal Free Hospital) was recently featured in the British Journal of Nursing. 

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