Your Local Support Groups

Natter Support Groups are local community based meetings that offer an opportunity to meet others in your area, who are also affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer; patients, family, friends and supporters.

They are run by nurse specialists, fellow patients and/or local volunteers. Each group agrees its own format, in accordance with Neuroendocrine Cancer UK’s guidance, and are run as informally or formally as the group is comfortable with.

All groups offer refreshments and are free to attend – some meet monthly, others 6-8 weekly or quarterly, once/twice a year.

Those who attend the meetings tell us how important these groups are to them – how meeting others in a similar situation, with the same or similar diagnosis, symptoms, treatment plan or follow up, helps to reduce feelings of anxiety or isolation, improves understanding and creates new friendships and support.

I have been working, as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, with people diagnosed with malignant Neuroendocrine Tumours (Neuroendocrine Cancer) since 1999.

During that time, and since joining the Neuroendocrine Cancer UK (formerly NET Patient Foundation) in 2015, I have seen how this group of cancers impacts on all aspects of everyday life – from the shock of diagnosis to the uncertainty of the future, from managing symptoms to dealing with long term follow up – from feeling alone to becoming part of a community.

Many people have told me how isolating they feel their diagnosis is, how misunderstood it is by others. The Natter Groups provide a safe place to meet others – kindred spirits, who “get it” and who understand.

My ambition is to try to ensure that every patient, new or old, has that opportunity – knows that they have somewhere they can turn to for information, advice and support. Our joint hope and aim is to make sure that everyone here in the UK has access to support – by phone, on-line or face-to-face through our fabulous Natter Groups.  

Nikie Jervis,
Patient Support Manager (RGN, PGDip)

Details of our groups, venues and contact details can be found here.

To find out more, please contact our NET Nurse Specialist Team: 

Helpline: 0800 434 6476
Email Nikie


Map of local support groups

Here you will find a map of Natter local support groups across the UK. 

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Calendar of local support group meetings

Here you will find a calendar of all the local support group and education meetings across the UK. 

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Natter support group materials

Here you will find downloadable materials and resources to help you facilitate your local Natter support group. 

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