Patient Education Events

From 2020 The NET Patient Foundation will plan and run one full day patient education per year. The event is free to attend and is open to anyone affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

The event will provide interactive workshops, for specific NEN types, where you will be provided relevant and up to date disease specific information, surrounded by those who have a similar NEN type. There will also be sessions where the information will be more generalised. Topics covered in the general sessions may include: the psychological impact of NENs, clinical trials and the global community. Q&A sessions will be run in the individual break out sessions for your specific NEN type.

Our 1 day events will be run in collaboration with experts from the nursing, medical, psychology and dietetic community. 

Alongside our one day event, we also support events in collaboration with local NET clinics who would like to run local education sessions where agendas and venues are sorted locally. 

“Today my partner and I attended the patient education meeting at Prospero House which provided a generous amount of information relating to NETs. 

As someone fairly newly diagnosed, I was impressed by the amount of technical information given, while extremely grateful that the top specialists were willing to come and explain so many issues involved in the treatment of NETs.” 

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