Patient Education Events

We hold patient education events across the UK, which are open to anyone affected by a NETs. These events are free to attend and include talks from NET experts. The events provide an opportunity to meet other patients / supporters who are in a similar situation. 

Topics covered can include: Diet and nutrition, the psychological aspects of NETs, new treatments, current research and of course, general information about NET types, grading, staging and most importantly time to ask questions to an expert panel.  

We cannot run these meetings without the support of the wonderful healthcare professionals, who give up their time to share their knowledge and expertise.

“Today my partner and I attended the patient education meeting at Prospero House which provided a generous amount of information relating to NETs. 

As someone fairly newly diagnosed, I was impressed by the amount of technical information given, while extremely grateful that the top specialists were willing to come and explain so many issues involved in the treatment of NETs.” 

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