We know Neuroendocrine Cancer is more than just a physical diagnosis and can have emotional and social consequences. There is so often a lack of psychological support in terms of the reality of cancer long term. Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer can be an anxiety ridden place, and we have to help patients carry, not only the physical, but also the psychological burden of disease. 

We are here to help. We offer a free telephone counselling service which is available to anyone affected by a Neuroendocrine Cancer; patients, family and friends. However, we have limited funds for this service. We could love to be able to continue this service, so any donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Those of you who have spoken with a counsellor or therapist have told us about the benefits of speaking to someone:

who listens (without judgement or immediate solutions / comparisons)”

“who has helped sort through the busy thoughts”

“helped me to find a way, that works for me, to help deal with living NETs”

If you are unsure whether this is something that may help you or you would like to find out more please watch our video below.   



We are delighted to have Kym  as part of the NET Patient Foundation team. She is a  trained and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, with over 20 years experience of working with a wide variety of difficulties and in a number of settings including the NHS, charitable sector and higher education.

To get in touch or find out whether our counselling service is right for you, you can contact Kym.  

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All requests will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.


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