NCUK Counselling and Psychotherapy Service (NCUK CaPS)

NCUK offers a free, confidential service for patients and supporters, family members or friends. Our counsellors have a specialised understanding of the complex issues that can arise in being diagnosed, and living with, neuroendocrine cancer over time. 

Sessions are carried out at a regular time to suit you via telephone, or an internet-based video service such as WhatsApp or FaceTime. Even a few sessions can help process difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences , such as:

  • The impact of diagnosis (or disease recurrence)
  • Managing ‘scan-xiety’
  • Relationships – in the family, at work, or with your medical team
  • Worries about the future
  • Pre and post surgery or treatment 
  • The emotional impact of difficult symptoms, fatigue or pain
  • Grief and loss about ‘life as it was’
  • Changes in self-esteem or identity

Although NCUK CaPs is free to all patients and family members, if you would like to make a donation, please click here.

Here are some of the comments from our patients about our service:

‘My diagnosis was completely unexpected, and I was feeling really over-whelmed. I kept getting very tearful, and snappy with my husband and kids. It really helped talking with someone outside my family and friends about how angry and frightened I was. Although I’m still adapting,  it’s helped me get to a different place emotionally’.

‘I was really struggling to come to terms with how the surgery, treatment and symptoms were impacting on my life. I’d been determined the diagnosis wouldn’t make any difference to me, but I was exhausted and very low. I didn’t really think ‘just talking’ would work, but counselling showed me that in accepting the things that have changed, life can still be good.’ 

If you would like to find out more, please watch our short video below, and read our Top Ten FAQ’s. 

Request an Initial Consultation, or preliminary chat to explore more about counselling here.  We aim to respond to all enquiries within 72 hours.