How We Can Support You

A diagnosis of cancer is one of the greatest challenges anyone can face. Being diagnosed with a rare or uncommon cancer can have additional consequences, not least in terms of awareness, early diagnosis and access to expertise. Feelings of  isolation, fear, uncertainty and anxiety are not uncommon.

NPF exists to address the unmet needs voiced by the neuroendocrine cancer community, to support patients and their loved ones with the physical and psychological burden of Neuroendocrine cancers. We have a number of services to support you including:


Our specialist nurse helpline, which is free and confidential – 0800 434 6476 . 

** Please note that we are currently a nursing team member down, so there is a temporary reduction in our service. If you do call and are put through to our voicemail, please leave your name and number and we will call you back. Thank you for sticking with us during this time, we really appreciate your support.

Email our nurses for help and information

NET Natter Groups

NET Natter meetings are regionally based local support groups which offer the opportunity to speak to others who are affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer

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Patient Education Events

From 2020 The NET Patient Foundation will plan and run one full day patient education per year. The event is free to attend and is open to anyone affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Alongside our one day event, we also support events in collaboration with local NET clinics who would like to run local education sessions where agendas and venues are sorted locally.

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Information Guides and Videos

Our resources provide clear, accurate, reliable information about neuroendocrine cancer – all are developed in collaboration with, reviewed and endorsed by patient representatives and expert clinicians.

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Counselling Service

We know Neuroendocrine Cancer is more than just a physical diagnosis and can have emotional and social consequences. 

We are here to help. We offer a free telephone counselling service which is available to anyone affected by a Neuroendocrine Cancer; patients, family and friends. 

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Online Community

Join our UK Facebook community group – NET Natter UK Online
Join our supporters Facebook community group –  NEXT2NETs
Join our international Facebook community group – Friends of the NET Patient Foundation

These closed groups provide a safe place for people affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer to talk to others in similar situations.

You can also find us on: Instagram & Twitter

Sharing Stories

Over 40,000 people are affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer (NETs) in the UK, with over 5,000 people newly diagnosed each year. That is more than 13 people a day. For many the first time they will have heard about Neuroendocrine Cancer will be the day they receive their diagnosis. The most powerful stories are those that are real.

We invite you to share your experiences here Get involved with our Faces of NETs Campaign


NET Natter Support Groups

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Attend a Patient Education Event

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Our Counselling Service

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