The Difference You Make

Each donation we receive will help us to continue supporting the Neuroendocrine Cancer community and will help us towards our vision of a world in which people know how to recognise, diagnose, treat, care for and ultimately cure patients with a NET. 

No matter how big or how small your donation, every penny makes a huge difference to our work and the patients we support. Here are a few examples on how your donation can make a difference:


will provide one patient with a NET Handbook which covers all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and living with NETs


will help us provide patient materials to hospitals across the UK


will allow an NPF Nurse to provide information and support through the helpline


will help towards in house research on unmet patient needs, quality of life issues and patient experience


will help us undertake policy work supporting the need for less common cancers to have a voice


will allow us to provide ten professional counselling sessions to anyone affected by a NET


will support a patient education day to help patients increase their understanding of NETs