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    Nikie Jervis

    Dear All
    Sorry I have been a bit quiet over the last few weeks – but hopefully we’ll have an interesting newsletter . . .once we’ve all added our bits and pieces regarding updates
    UKINETs was yesterday – with Tracey our data genius presenting not just a talk but also THREE abstracts!! And our very own fabulous NET nurse Lindsey picking up an award for best poster !
    My trip to Krakow was interesting and I’m currently going through all of my notes and papers to bring you a summary . . .
    As you know we are still awaiting decision from NICE re PRRT Lutathera/Lu177 . . .fingers crossed its as positive as Summer decision on Everolimus and Sunitinib . . .
    Once we have all collaborated a full update will be made available.

    And just in case you wondered about the SPAM ALERT – unfortunately, for reasons of their own, some people do not abide by either the rules or ethos of this forum – and you may all have seen inappropriate postings ranging from overseas schools reports to American football jerseys for dogs on here . . .please DO report anything like this – or anything you feel is inappropriate . . .we do try and regularly check nb we’re not hear to censor real discussion or debate otherwise this isn’t a forum but schools and dog jerseys are numpty postings by the thoughtless few which we really do not want to appear here . . .when notifying us if you could give us a date and if possible postee user name and thread (this makes it easier to track down as we may always be able to address this issue immediately) we will delete and block.
    See some of you soon : Mere Green/Sutton Coldfield this Saturday 9th Dec . . .Stoke next Saturday 16th – see patient meetings calendar for details if you would like to join us . . .I may even bring along (or hope for . . .hint hint) a mince pie or 2 – please be assured that with my baking skills any I bring will be shop bought!!!!
    Keep safe and well



    Thanks so much for the update Nikie. I, at the moment, am having major issues with our internet provided, Plusnet, they have had an ‘ incident’ and it seems to have affected my google account as well, so it has not allowed me to receive or send any emails either, on my iPhone, sometimes, computers!! However, I have contact, just at the moment, but the speeds are awful, but, will see you in the 16th at Stoke, looking forward to it, must see what Kath is doing about mince pies, bless her, what would we do without her, Carole.

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