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    C for Carcinoid
    Well 2016 for me was when my appendix burst to reveal a stage 2 2cm tumor inside , leading to a right hemicolectomy
    the complete removal of the right side of the bowel and aprox 25 lymph nodes i was told, goblet cells were present,what made it hard was one doc said it was cancer another said it wasn’t, i rushed ahead under pressure and had the right hemi, no one even advised me that dietary changes may be needed, i couldn’t even get two answers the same so confused until now, almost a year on, but heres my dilemma…
    i still have pain, in my left upper quadrant under the ribs and low down on right side where the op was done also, alongside urgency and diahorrea the hospital i am attending has a terrible reputation the care i was given was scared first time round doc refuses my request to see a specialist in London, no one has mentioned octreotide or any follow up I’m only being scanned tomorrow due to my persistent symptoms i know how inadequate these can be at detecting tiny tumors
    Im not scared of Cancer Im scared of bad health care and lack of knowledge if they don’t pick up the cause of my problems tomorrow am i doomed to another incorrect diagnosis of IBS
    Please Advise


    Nikie Jervis

    Saoirse – here are our information sheets for appendices NET & Goblet Cell : given your history we would strongly recommend specialist follow up.
    GCC : nb this is being updated.
    Eating after surgery :
    Appendiceal NET :
    You may find this information helpful – especially for symptom management – You could also print this information off and take with you to your doctor. You don’t say where you are – we don’t need to know the hospital name – but there are 10 Centres of Excellence within England as well as expert clinics across the UK . . .it may well be there is care nearer home than London (depending on where you live). is a link to UKINETs – the medical society for NETs – this link should take you to their list of clinics/hospitals.
    I hope that you are able to get the support and care you require
    Take care



    I live in Buckinghamshire I was operated on in Berkshire I’ve asked doc to see a specialist in London as I had read that that’s where they specialized nearest me but when I asked she just laughed and said I quote “I’m sure all patients would love to go to London for treatment if they could choose” so what do I do? It’s been a year since they found it I had the hemi last June I’m in pain still they gave me a second ct no octreotide, no dietician, no follow ups this ct only happened because I presented again with weight loss palpitations dioreha and pain… I’ve only ever seen one bowel surgeon no one else no oncologist nothing?



    Dear Nikki Jervis thank you so much for your invaluable booklet which I’m pouring over now xxx



    Welcome to the forum Saoirse and sorry to hear of all your trouble. As I understand it, everyone is entitled to a second opinion which is what we did and I know that several patients on here have done that. If your hospital isn’t a Net Centre and won’t do a referral to one, then you can ask your GP. It’s my husband who has Nets and we went for a second opinion as it was clear at the time that he was not being given the correct treatment at his local hospital. I just insisted (nicely) that we have a referral for a second opinion. We only went the once but at least we had the backup should we have needed it. As Nikie has already suggested, look at the various Net Centres listed and choose one nearest to you – it doesn’t have to be London as all Net Centres usually follow the same procedures.

    I hope you can get sorted soon and perhaps you will let us know how you get on.



    Nikie Jervis
    Keymaster – patients rights re healthcare incl services of Moniter. As Jenny has said – if this wasn’t your GP – then ask your GP. If it was and your hospital team will not help – check out your rights on – also how Moniter can help.



    Hello Saoirse, so sorry, I have only just seen your posting, but hopefully you can get something sorted now. It makes me a little sad sometimes, and I am glad you have shared your experiences with our forum. I am one of the patients who asked for a referral, I was being looked after by a hospital, that wasn’t a net centre, but they were excellent in my care and surgery I had there, my treatment was super, and I was very well looked after and my oncologist did work with a net centre.
    However, after talking with others, I realised that I needed to be referred to a specialist net centre, and this was done very quickly, very kindly, and I was not made to feel guilty at all. They added, that even though I was going to the net centre, I was very welcome to go back there for any treatments I may need. In fact, when I had my first appointment, the consultant actually shared some of the referral letter with me, because it said many kind things, I was very well blest it seems, made to feel special, which is something we should feel, you are special. I hope you will let us know how you get on, lovely to chat to you, Carole.

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