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    I am my wife’s carer and my wife suffers from Anthropophobia ( fear of people),Depression, Anxiety and panic attacks and has no trust and actual fear of any authority people including Dr’s.
    She now has developed Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) and needs a stomach operation involving the removal of her stomach which could take about 10 days of hospital stay.
    I sufferer from Crohne’s disease and Spondyloarthritis and stress makes my condition worse and I am on immune suppressants, so need to be careful who I am around with.
    We live 120 miles round trip from the hospital in a remote part of Scotland, got no relatives here or friends and got one Labrador dog, which always has gone everywhere with us.
    We are in receipt of benefits (esa and universal credit) and get hospital fares paid for when the patient or patient with the carer travels there.
    Hospital accommodation may be available but they do not take dogs.
    So I need find out when my wife goes to hospital, would I be able to claim for travel daily as a carer and not as patient or can i get a grant or a one of finical payment (when my son was in hospital for 7 month in 2007 we did get community care grants monthly, to help us with accommodation and travel expenses which is not existing in that format through the dwp any more), so that I can be with her on the ward during the day because of her Anthropophobia (Extreme fear of people) to keep her calm. Then I could afford the travel of about £20 a day and boarding cost of £20 a day for the dog or stay in a bed and breakfast in Inverness.
    Also will she be exempt from the visiting rules, eg can I be there all day as I am her carer and she needs me to keep her calm, who can help with sorting out that I can stay at least during the day with my wife at the hospital?
    Staying in a Bed and Breakfast would be better for me as traveling is a long way ant the round trip would be 3 plus hours to where we live.
    Not knowing my rights and what financial help is available to us, is really getting to me, as there is a strong possibility my wife will not have the operation, if I cannot be with her, after the operation, which could be fatal. We cannot afford all the daily travel or b and b and the dog cannot be left on its own, so if I cannot get financial help I would not be able to pay water rates or other bills as I would have to use that money to help my wife and hope a court would be sympathetic and allow me to pay my debts, which I then would have, of slowly, in small weekly sums.
    Thank in advance for any info



    Hello Freeflo, and a very warm welcome to the forum, so sorry you must be very worried, and I am not sure how I can put your mind at rest, but you do need to find help with your questions. I also fully understand that you can’t leave your doggie behind. I think the best people to chat to you are our specialist nurses, Nikie and Lindsey, and I am sure they will be able to answer some of your questions. [ also Macmillan, I am sure, will be able to help, and the only other contact would be your GP.] You can contact our nurses by e mail to [email protected] or telephone them, the details are at the top of the page, or you can ring the office. All I can do is chat to you on here, as I am not familiar with what benefits etc. would/should be available to you, it is something that worries a lot of us, when the net centre is not close to home, and what the cost is. It would be easy for me to say, don’t worry, that is very negative, of course you are very worried, and I hope that you can get the help you need, please keep in touch, Carole.



    Thanks for you comment and reply.


    Nikie Jervis

    Dear Freeflow
    Hopefully you will have received an email reply from both myself and Lindsey regarding this query
    Wishing you and your wife well

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