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    I am a ‘newby’. I have just found out that I have N.E.T. in my abdoman, what a surprise!. I have had my first injection of Sandostatin and then the same every 4 weeks. Is there anyone else out there having to have the same injection?. My oncologist said that I would have to have this treatment ‘for years’, he said it would ‘slow down’ the growth of the cancer. I had gone into hospital for a bowel blockage, had three scans, then sent to London to have a PET scan, this is when the N.E.T. was discovered.
    I will answer every reply, thankyou


    Catherine McArdle

    Hello there and welcome to this group.

    I have not come across anyone who is NOT having Sandostatin so you are in good company. Personally I can say that it made an impact on my blood count from an early stage. I was diagnosed less than a year ago so feel pretty much like a newbie as well – this forum has been a really good means of finding out more about NET and lots out there are more than ready to share experiences.

    Welcome again.



    Lindsey Devlin

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I am sure you will receive lots of replies from the supportive users of this site. The injections are a common treatment for NETs and as you have said most people are on them long term to slow down and stabilise the Net tumour growth.
    You may find our hand book helpful https://www.netpatientfoundation.org/support-information/general-information-on-net/the-net-handbook-your-guide-to-life-with-a-neuroendocrine-tumour/ – it talks about what a NET is – symptoms, treatments etc. For what you read to make sense to you it helps to know – where your NET started (the primary site) and the stage and grade it is at. If you are still undergoing investigations you may not know this yet.



    tracey brecknell

    i am also on Sandostatin started monday as i had a bowel resection 5 years ago 2 tumours removed nothing for 5 years now they have found from a gallium 68 scan there are 3 in my liver also spread to lymph nodes in abdormen and back in the bowel i have been refffered to mcmillion nurses now so i dont no what my future holds for me feeling very low and alone at the moment but i do have amazing hubby xx



    Hi Shinegirl , I don’t have any wisdom on injections but wanted to say hi. Sounds like you are being treated well .

    Tracey, I am sorry to here that your NET has come back. I am sure it feels awful but hopefully the treatment plan they put you on will make a difference. Also it is great to have an amazing husband! I am very glad to have one of those. He just listens when I have been feeling low.

    Take care of yourselves ladies

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    Hello Shinegirl

    Welcome to the forum and yes, almost everyone is having these injections, either Sandostatin or Lanreotide both of which do the same thing. My husband Dave has Nets in his ileum (small bowel) and liver and was diagnosed in 2009. He has only ever had the monthly injection, no other treatments of any kind and he is still stable even with many other medical problems to contend with. So there’s lots to be positive about, even though that can be difficult to do at times. These injections were originally given for those patients who had the syndrome but it was also found that their tumours slowed or even stopped progressing. It’s not the same for everyone and we do have to be aware of that but for many people the injections have worked well for some considerable time.

    I hope you continue to keep well.




    Hi Tracey

    I’m sorry to hear of your news but I’m sure the Macmillan nurses will look after you well. Have you only just started on the Sandostatin and where are you being treated? You need to get as much information as you can as to what is happening to you so you can take informed decisions. If you’re not at a Net Centre then please do ask for a referral as it’s very important to see the right doctors.

    You’re not alone either, so keep in touch on the forum because there is usually someone around to give you some support.

    Regards to all


    tracey brecknell

    ty jenny i am at the queen elizabeth hospital under dr net spealist dr shar think i am feeling like this as i asked him how many tumours i had in total he would not give me a straight forward answer he said he would put the report in the post from the galllium scan then he said i can ask questions next time i come he told me there are , on my first scan there was only 1 on the liver he would do a liver resection , but now he as had the gallium scan report he said there were 3 in liver also in lymph nodes in abdorman and back in bowel were i aregenally had my first 2 as i had a bowel resection then, but now he says he cant operate as its spread just really confused xx



    Hi Tracey

    Please don’t get too despondent about what your consultant has said. Although there are a lot of things that can change their first prognosis, the fact that it’s spread does not mean that there is no hope. When Dave was diagnosed in 2009 he was told very early on that because his tumours had already spread into both lobes of the liver, liver resection was out of the question, as well as any chance of surgery for his primary in his bowel because of his other health problems. We were devastated by this news but over the years it also became apparent that a lot of other patients are at the same stage when they are finally diagnosed after many years. Sandostatin/Lanreotide have now proved very useful for some patients in slowing down the growth of tumours or even halting their growth and this has been the case for Dave and it could be the same for you too. It might be an idea to have a chat with Nikie our Nurse. I think the numbers are on the front page of this website.

    Meanwhile try to keep positive and calm (difficult or impossible at times of course!) and do try to contact Nikie, I’m sure you will find her to be of some help.



    tracey brecknell

    ty so much jenny xx



    Hello All
    It’s been sometime since I was on the forum and I see we have some new Friends. Welcome to you
    all and I hope you will find not only support from your fellow sufferers, but be able to smile at our comments.
    Personally, I have found both from people I have never met and this has been a great help to me.

    All my best wishes to you all



    Nikie Jervis

    Hi All – and welcome new members – as Lindsey has said you’ll get great support & friendship here.
    Please also feel free to contact either Lindsey or myself by phone / email : 0800 434 6476 or [email protected]
    You can also checkout our NET Natter Groups : https://www.netpatientfoundation.org/support-information/patient-events/
    and for those of you with a Clinical Nurse Specialist – use them !!!! They’re a great source for getting more info about your particular results, scans and plans.
    . . .you can also speak to Kym or Steve – our fabulous counsellors – even if its just a chat to see if a session or more may help – just let me or Lindsey know
    Take care all



    Hello Shinegirl and Tracey, and everyone, so sorry, I have only just found this thread, very remiss of me, but, never too late to welcome you to our forum. Glad you have had some good responses, and excellent advice, as always, from our specialist nurses, who are always there for us all, they are just great, I too would certainly recommend the excellent booklet that has been produced by the foundation. I also have the 28 day injection of Sandostatin, which is delivered to my home, and administered by the practice nurse at my GP’s surgery. Try to stay positive Tracey, so much has changed since my first diagnosis over five years ago. Each morning, I love to look out of the window at our beautiful world, our ever changing seasons, and even on cloudy days, the sun waits to break through, Carole.


    Iain Black

    Hi Shinegirl, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. As jennyl says, most of us here are on either Lanreotide or Sandostatin. I started nearly a year ago and must say, I’m feeling pretty good. Still waiting for the results of my last CT scan which STILL hasn’t been reported on. Grrrr.
    I haven’t been on the forum for a while, but found it a great help when I was 1st diagnosed. Everyone is so helpful and understanding.
    Try to stay positive in these early days.
    Take care

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