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    Sorry for the 3rd post, my mind is too full to process every thing at once.
    I am my wife’s carer, she suffers from metal health and now Neuroendocrine tumours and needs a total Gastrectomy.
    She is naturally very scared but wants the operation, but know second guessing the decision.
    I support the operation and her decision, but i like opinions, if possible.
    It is a grade one net in the stomach and in some glands next to the stomach, so is it the right decision to remove the stomach straight away or should one wait.Can they just go away or do they just get worse?
    I do not want a magic answer just an opinion please, perhaps based on experience.


    Nikie Jervis

    Dear Freeflow
    I’m sorry for delay in response – i have been at a NET conference. Can I ask where you live ? and whether your wife is being seen at a NET Centre of Excellence – there are 10 in England – alongside a number of specialist NET clinics . . .I ask because this may help in getting you the advice you seek.
    Best wishes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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