Corporate Support

The NET Patient Foundation is pleased to work with companies and businesses large or small and appreciates their support. We offer our corporate partners a unique opportunity to align with a small but national charity which is well established and respected in the community and has a primary focus on improving outcomes for people affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Your support not only helps patients and families with very complex health and social needs, but can also strengthen corporate image, demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, build staff morale and promote customer and client relationships.

Benefits of working with NPF include:

  • Great potential for positive brand exposure 
  • Help with your profile and recognition 
  • Increased staff cohesion
  • Team building opportunities
  • Greater sense of accomplishment through working together to reach a fundraising target 
  • A dedicated partnership manager 
  • NPF’s continuous involvement and commitment 

The NET Patient Foundation is committed to building lasting partnerships with your company. Our corporate partnership programme aims to develop and nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our business community.

Sponsorship 2018/2019

Our project work is costly, whether the production of educational materials or awareness campaigns. To support this work we apply for grant funding from pharmaceutical companies, trust and grant foundations and other community organisations.
In 2018 we were delighted to receive support from:
  • AAA
  • The James Tudor Foundation
  • Victory NETs.

In 2019 (to date) we have received support from:

  • Ipsen UK Ltd
  • Victory NETs.

Thank you so much for your support.