Useful Links & Further Reading


Ann Edgar Charitable Trust

Your dedicated local support in Scotland

Helpline: 07376251249

AMEND – association for multiple endocrine neoplasia disorders

AMEND supports all those affected by multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) disorders and associated endocrine growths.

Cancer Research UK

Trusted information on all cancer types.

ACC Support UK

Adrenocortical cancer support and information.

Von Hippel Lindau

International alliance and online community for people affected by VHL.

Insulinoma UK

A website for patients with insulinomas.

Cure Goblet Cell Carcinoid Cancer

CGCCC’s mission is to raise awareness of Goblet Cell Carcinoid, and to raise funds towards research projects.

Lovable Lungnoids

A facebook group for people affected by bronchial NETs.

NET Whippersnappers

A closed facebook group for young people affected by NETs.

Nutrition in Cancer

Find out how nutrition can help support you throughout your cancer journey. This is general information and not NET specific.

Counselling Directory

Search for a counsellor or therapist near you.

Macmillan Cancer Relief

Macmillan provide practical, medical and financial support for people affected by cancer.