NET Natter Round-up January 2017

NET Natter Group Update

Happy NEW YEAR to all

The Natter Groups do appear to be flourishing – we now have 24 NPF Natter Groups – with a further 4 associated groups – and a further half dozen new groups planned !

We’ve got off to a flying start in January : Swansea, Coventry, Cheltenham, London, Edinburgh and Sutton Coldfield . . .

Apologies to all for the problem with the link in our last newsletter – I believe that, that– along with the weather – may have led to reduced attendance at one or two groups.

Please do all check the website – “support and information” tab, then click “patient meetings calendar “. . .this will give the diary of meetings month by month. If you then click on the meeting you are interested in –  contact and venue details will be given. 

The Natter groups are support groups – but perhaps not quite fitting the stereo-type! They are focused on what you would like them to be – a chance to meet other people with a NET – to chat, gain and share information, experiences, advice  . . . the meetings are as varied as the types of NETs. . . in how formal/informal they are run, how frequently they meet – even where they meet!

They are for people within easy access of the venue – so not always hospital specific, for example, many NET patients in South Wales currently travel to Liverpool or London for NET Centre of Excellence review. . .but have Natter groups in Swansea and Cardiff where they can meet up. Some may be easier to get to than others, but all should be accessible . . . we know there are still some areas we need to reach.

If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to call or email Nikie

Telephone : office : 01926 883487, mobile : 07557 147698, email : [email protected]

In 2017 we will be looking at the groups and asking your opinion – for example –  what you feel you get from the group, what are the main issues discussed and is there anything further we can do through the groups . . . this is so we can continue to develop the groups, continue to increase the group numbers – and group attendees . . .We’ll also be asking for stories and updates about your events and activities – if you would like to share these . . .its amazing what you all do, from sponsored walks to swims and runs and jumps and my favorite – cakes ! –  a huge thank you to the Cheltenham Natterers who raised almost £150 on their awareness day just before Christmas ! . . .

February Groups :

Liverpool 1/2/17, Swansea 3/2/17, Kent-Rochester 4/2/17, Herts – Letchworth 4/2/17, Bristol 5/2/17, NI – Belfast wk beginning 6/2/17, Newcastle 11/2/17 and South East London 27/2/17

If your group is meeting in February and not included here – please let me know, Nikie

. . .and before I sign off, please forgive me a little proud mum moment – I asked my son what he’d like for his 18th birthday – “a parachute jump”, he said . . .”and if I am going to do it . . .maybe I can raise some money for you guys” . . . watch this space for further details !

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