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The Team

The Team

Catherine Bouvier – Director

Catherine is a Neuroendocrine Tumour Nurse Specialist. She was based at the Royal Free Hospital in London for 7 years and was responsible for the support, education and coordination of the management of day to day patient care. Her educational role also expanded to other health care professionals both locally, nationally and internationally. She has worked on the production of various patient and medical educational tools and has coordinated a number of research studies for patients with Neuroendocrine Tumours. She set up a frontline nursing service holding regular screening, follow-up and emergency clinics. She is a member of UKINETS and other specialist neuroendocrine groups.

She co-founded the Foundation with Andrew Geach who was a truly inspirational patient with a great deal of dedication to forming a service that would support patients and their families nationally. Cathy Kalamis, another patient and talented medical journalist then joined Cathy and Andrew to run the NET Patient Foundation, bourne from and amalgamated with the Living with Carcinoid support group.

Peter Gwilliam – Founder, Living with Carcinoid

Peter and his late wife Liddy (nee Oldroyd – a well known, award winning, TV comedy director) were founder members of Living with Carcinoid following Liddy’s diagnosis. Following Liddy’s death in 2002 Peter was determined to remain involved with the support group. Together his colleague, Carolyn Marshall, he has run its operation from their Surrey office.

Peter is also involved in fund raising for The Quiet Cancer Therapy Appeal at the Royal Free Hospital which is specifically in Liddy’s memory. Over £160,000 has been raised by friends and fund raising events include the annual Liddy Gwilliam Memorial Softball Tournament.

Peter and Carolyn have welcomed the expansion of the group’s activities under the NET Patient Foundation umbrella.

Maia Sissons – Media Director

Maia, with a background in project management and journalism, helps to co-ordinate and manage fundraising campaigns, and to raise awareness of the Foundation through the website and other initiatives. She has been overwhelmed by Cathy’s commitment to the Foundation over recent years, and hopes to provide her and the rest of the Team with lots of energy and support in years to come.

Chris Belyavin – Fundraising Officer

Although formally trained in agriculture, I have been involved with fundraising for nearly twenty years. I initially started as a volunteer fundraiser at a local sports club where my eldest daughter trained as a gymnast. I moved into full time fundraising over six years ago when I joined the team at the Stoke based Donna Louise Children’s Hospice as Community Fundraiser with responsibility for South West Staffordshire. I worked with individuals, community groups, and corporates and for a short time Trusts and Foundations to raise funds for the Hospice. Two years ago I moved to the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children as Regional Fundraiser working with diverse groups of fundraisers raising money to help fund the charity’s equipment provision programme.

I have recently joined the team at the NET Patient Foundation as Fundraising Officer. The charity does fantastic work with people affected by this rare form of cancer and I relish the opportunity of raising awareness about this work and generating more income to help NPF develop its work.

Jo Breakwell – Administrative Support

Jo is an invaluable member of the team, and hugely appreciated for her efficiency and her wonderfully positive outlook.

Melanie Warner – Bookkeeper

Melanie, a Marketing specialist, was made aware of NETS through Catherine and seeing her hard work and commitment, was keen to participate, and take on the role of Book-keeping within the team.

This has allowed Catherine to spend more time raising awareness for the charity, continue with her medical training, and giving the patients more direct support through the helpline.

Having Melanie on board will help us to devote more time to financial planning and budgetting for future growth, so that we can bring projects within the Marketing Plan to fruition.

Our Co-Founders

Our thanks to Andy Geach and Cathy Kalamis for all of their inspiration and hard work in helping to set up the NET Patient Foundation.