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A little bit of trivia in Ascot


“On 10th November 2011 my very kind friend Lorraine Webster organised a supper and Trivial Pursuit evening for 20 ladies at her home in Ascot.

The evening was a huge success both in terms of entertainment and the amazing food and wine provided by Lorraine. The game playing was also quite something and the noise levels would have challenged any packed sports stadium!

A fantastic £600 was raised through donations and a raffle, a huge thanks to all the ladies for their kindness and generosity.

Once again it was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the condition and the Foundation and of the wonderful work that is being carried out.

With best wishes

Angie Jones”

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  1. Julie Cripps

    When reading about Lorraine Webster’s trivia night in Ascot, I also live in Ascot (Sunninghill) and lost my husband suddenly in January this year to a late diagnosed Small Cell NET. I wonder what Lorraine’s “story” or connection is with regards to NETs? and although I couldn’t have made 10th November (it was my son’s parents evening at school and also a Duke of Edinburgh presentation straight after at a different location – so a very busy evening), but I do like a quiz and would love to be invited to any future local events. I am happy for my email to be passed to Lorraine if she wishes to contact me.

    Thanks – and… a happy and healthy New Year to everyone affected by NETs…


    Julie Cripps


    • Dear Julie,

      Thanks so much for your message. I’ve passed it on to Angie Jones, a NET patient who lives in Ascot and gave us the news about the trivia event.

      Wishing you all the best,



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